Steel Framing


Cold-formed steel framing and light gauge metal framing is the preferred framing material in a wide range of applications. The steel members are strong, durable, and lightweight as well as being more stable unlike traditional wood lumber. They also will not split, twist, sag or warp.

Steel framing members will naturally expand and contract with the seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. All of these qualities, as well as many more, reduce drywall screw pops, floor squeaks, settling issues, termite resistant and mold resistant.

With steel framing, you are able to have larger spans than lumber creating more possibilities in room sizes and dimensions. By having the ability to span father, you can create larger rooms, and more open spaces.

Steel framing is 100% non-combustible. Therefore, it improves fire safety and is in compliance with local and state building codes. The steel studs will not fuel the fire, helping to minimize damage to the structure.

Steel is 100% recyclable and it is the world’s most recycled material. It complies with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Council standards.

We purchase our quality steel framing products from reputable manufacturers. Each order is customized to your project, reducing excess material and waste and reducing the cost to you.

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